Saturday, December 13, 2014


The shopping is done , the house is decorated , cards are mailed out  and presents are wrapped
Time to sew Yeahhhhh!

I have decided that I would like to finish my Hampton Ridge UFO  before I start anything else .
It will feel so good to call this quilt a finish :-D

Starting to sew my rows together ...

 row 4 is so long it barely fits on my ironing board ....

This is what all of blocks looked  like when I finished making them and when the quilt is sewn together   this is the angle the blocks will be

This is the fabric that I am using for the sides and corners as I sew my blocks together .
Just love how the red sets it off so nicely . As you know red is my favorite color ;-)

Here is my 2 border fabrics ... Just gorgeous !!

 I hope this fits on my design wall ?  It is going to be 88 "x 88 "

Here is what is will look like when I am done



Friday, December 5, 2014

Its raining its pouring & Autumn Woods

Did some shopping last Wednesday when it was pouring cats and dogs .

Walked into a HOME GOODS Store and this REINDEER greeted me.
It was  $999.99 . WOW !   You would have to have quite a house to accommodate  this guy !

We have been having alot of much needed rain this week. When I went to Costco it poured so hard that it flooded the parking lot in only 30 minutes !  Now I am not complaining because we really need the rain here in California .

I did finish a quilt a couple weeks . It is called " AUTUMN WOODS "
Made with 1 layer cake of Autumn Woods fabric and some background fabric

 I am using this fabric from the same line of fabric for my backing. Just love the trees falling leaves and Squirrels :-D



Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It is starting to look like a Country Charmer Christmas :-D

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving .  It is time to pull out my Christmas decorations .

Just LOVE this quilt ! Great pattern and easy to make :-D

I only have 1 more box of decorations and I am done with the inside of the house

Now we just need to get a Christmas tree when it stops raining

I am really enjoying my quilt ladder. This is the first time for me to display my Christmas quilts .
So nice to have them all displayed to enjoy :-D

Not much sewing has been going on these last 2 weeks.  I plan on doing some sewing when all of the decorations are done .

I would like to start my January Bertie's Year



Friday, November 21, 2014

Bertie's Year for 2015

Look what the mailman brought me !

Bertie's Year for 2015 !

This is a birthday gift from my dear friend Doreen. We will be making this quilt together next year starting with January !
I have been admiring this quilt as I have watched quilters in Blogland making theirs.

I never dreamed I would be making this quilt  .   PINCH ME PLEASE :-D

 I received the NOVEMBER  packet and this layer cake of Maywood Woolies layer cake

                                    Can't wait to get started after the holidays !

                                           Smoky does not seem to  be as excited as I am ;-D