Friday, November 19, 2010

A Very Special Gift from a Very Special Friend..........

I received this VERY SPECIAL GIFT from my VERY SPECIAL FRIEND Doreen ! Isn't is just amazing ! Doreen used a Fig Tree exclusive Club Member Pattern using ALL Fig Tree fabrics ! I JUST LOVE IT! She machine pieced , hand appliqued and machine quilted this beautiful quilt ! She used a gorgeous brown batik fabric for the appliqued pumpkin and customized the center of the pumpkin with a " B" for Babich ( my last name ) She also made me these AMAZING Acorn people that she created ALL by hand. They are only 3" tall and SO intricately done. She also sent me a yummy apple cider candle and a box of Dove Happy Birthday chocolates. When I unwrap each chocolate each wrapper inside has a special b-day message ! WOW!! I must have been a REAL good girl this year to receive such a Thoughtful & Kind Gifts . THANK YOU DOREEN ! I LOVE , LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING ! YOU ARE SUCH A SPECIAL FRIEND !!


  1. Sue what a wonderful birthday gift. Doreen is so wonderful at what she does, and I love her acorn people as well, they are just so magical. Yes you must have been a good girl and knowing you, I have to agree with that comment :)!!!

  2. I'm glad you liked your gifts!
    I hope you had a Wonderful Birthday my dear friend!