Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas in San Francisco.......

San Francisco is SO beautiful at christmas time ! After my drs. appointment thursday we decided to drive over to Larkspur and take the ferry over to San Francisco. It was a beautiful day 58 degrees. We took the bus to Union Square and walked around. There is a street named Maiden LAne and I found the London clothing store that had 100's of Antique sewing machines in there window ! WOW! I could not believe my eyes. We had lunch a FUZIOS in the embarcadero and had calamari , crab cakes and paella. The first 2 pictures in inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel , isn't it just gorgeous ! There were 2 ice rinks. One in Union square and one at the embarcadero. What a wonderful day in the city ! Enjoy the picture I took !


  1. OMG, weren't those sewing machines amazing? It stopped me in my tracks when I saw them! And did you notice they were all mounted on their sewing table platforms? It blew me away to see such a collection!

  2. What beautiful pictures! I love all the wonderful Holiday Lights!
    It looks like you had a wonderful day & evening in San Francisco!

    Love those vintage sewing machines too!

  3. Oh, I miss THE city! Does Tiffany's still do their windows?? I am from NorCal--born in Vallejo--and it was a tradition to take the kids to see the windows! Thank you for bringing back such great memories!

  4. Great pics Sue, looks like you had a perfect day in the city down our way, while we were in the rain & snow up your way! Funny!