Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My First 2 DJ blocks............

These are my first 2 DJ blocks. Yes I am going to have my very own DJ quilt thanks to my good friend Doreen. Doreen emailed me last month and asked if I would like a DJ Quilt. Of course I said YES! What she is doing is helping her sister make her DJ quilt blocks by making each one with her and the samples she is making are going to be for me. Am I not the luckiest girl in the world !!!! I just love these Jo Morton fabrics she is using. LOVE THEM ! Doreen also made me a DJ quilt wall on the sidebar of my blog so everyone can see her progress. The name for my DJ quilt is " MY SISTER'S MIRROR " . I still can not believe that I am going to have my very own DJ quilt . THANK YOU DOREEN !


  1. I will love seeing this quilt grow! Lucky girl--love the color scheme.

  2. You are SO welcome Sue!
    It might take a while to complete, but the journey will be rewarding!


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  4. /\ /\ removed due to dumb de dumb, dumb...spelling! So here it is corrected :)

    Holy Cow, Sue this is AWESOME! I love the colors on the first two blocks already, they are absolutely stunning! Our Doreen is a real keeper, could not have a better friend.

  5. I love your DJ blocks, especially the one on the right. What a great use of that striped fabric!