Friday, March 25, 2011

Off to the quilter they go....Eventide , Hot Cross & Bennington

Here they are all ready to be shipped to the quilter this morning ! Yeah!!

Eventide tht I made with Luna Notte fabric by Moda , Hot Cross made with Maison Garance by Moda and Bennington made with Pure by Moda!
I have backing for each one all sewen together except for Eventide which I am using a 108" backing fabric. I can't wait to see these when she is done doing her MAGIC ! It make sme SO nervous to mail a box like this out after ALL the hours I put into these quilts, that is why I insured it !!!!

Just look how cute my little acorn people Doreen made me for the b-day look on my pincushion. I just bought those 2 green baskets last week. The large basket is just perfect for my scraps when cutting and the smaller basket holds my rotary cutters. You will not believe where I bought these ! at my local Safeway grocery store ! I found them in the floral department. They are for potted plants and both lined with plastic. You should have seen the girls face when I told her I was buying them for my sewing room.


  1. How exciting to get those 3 beautiful quilts off to the machine quilter! Looking forward to seeing them all quilted.
    Those baskets of yours make very pretty storage containers.

  2. Very exciting - I love getting quilts back. They look even better quilted and bound! Oh and I love your "Twister" quilt in a previous post. What great colors.