Friday, April 29, 2011

Early Mother's Day gift.........

Thursday morning hubby took me to the local nursery and surprised me by telling me I could pick out a Weeping Cherry tree for my Mothers Day gift !
I fell in love with the first Weeping Cherry tree I saw ! I had never seen one like this before . This is a " CHEALS' WEEPING CHERRY TREE " with its bright double flowers and a trunk that has shiny peeling coppery bark on it. It was love at first sight !

Hubby planted it for me today next to my bridge and added some river rock to go under the bridge.

What a wonderful gift that I can enjoy everyday and watch grow in my garden.


  1. What a gorgeous Cherry Tree and wonderful early Mother's Day gift!
    What a beautiful addition to your beautiful garden!

  2. Wonderful Mother's Day gift! Your garden in lovely. Love the bridge too!

    Carolyn :)

  3. What a pretty tree! I love it next to your bridge.