Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's beginning to look like Fall around here....

I can not believe that I have not posted on my blog since august 23rd ! We went to Lake Tahoe for a week with friends and I will share pictures with you in my next post. Meanwhile I have been decorating for fall. First we painted the front door red......

I have my large wreath & red basket decorated with sunflowers....
Of course I just had to decorate the mailbox.......
and the bar cabinet ........
This wonderful pumpkin seed quilt is just perfect on my couch don't you think ? Doreen made me this pumpkin seed quilt for my b-day in 2007......
The lovely little quilt and the little acorn people sits on my old treadle machine cabinet in the sewing room. Doreen made this for me for my b-day last year . Can you see the little acorn people to the right ?
We also had to replace our kitchen faucet and instant hot water.............
They now match my hanging light in the kitchen nook...
Then there is the mama and baby deer who come to visit us each day....
I just finished this quilt top ! I made it out of all Grande Finale fabric my moda and the picture below shows my backing and binding I have chosen .
I will try to post again the end of the week with pictures of our tahoe trip.

I am REALLY ready for Fall


  1. Your new fall quilt is GORGEOUS!
    The binding & backing are wonderful too!

    Just LOVE the new red Door!
    Your home looks so inviting for Fall.
    All of your decorations and quilts look Fabulous!

  2. Yummy fall fabrics...looks like Sandy Gervais. The quilts from Doreen are wonderful and your home looks so inviting!

  3. I love your fall decor...your quilts are so pretty and I just love what you did to your mailbox!
    Don't you just love to see the wild life?! We used to have deer on our lawn at night...they don't come around as often now...just the little birdies at the feeders.

    Hope all is well with you!
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. I see your pumpkin! It is fantastic... and I do love the B on it. I really love your table runner with the pumpkins also! What pattern is that one???