Monday, October 17, 2011

Fishing at the Lake.....

Hi ! Not much sewing going on. We have been taking a few trips and I thought I would share some pictures. 2 weeks ago we went to Pinecrest Lake , California with our friends. We got up that saturday morning to hook up the tent trailer to the truck and found that we had NO brakes lights on the truck or the trailer :-( I called up there and booked a townhouse last minute. We were determined to go after all of our planning and packing. The lake was low and we fished off the shore. We all caught our limit both days and our friend caught a BIG ONE 18 1/2" long. We walked around the cabins there and saw these mushrooms and carved bear & Racoon......... Just thought I would share some pictures from our trip....

Last week we drove to Apple Hill , California , had carmel apples HMMM ! and stayed overnight at Lake Tahoe . I will try to post some pictures next week.


  1. Looks like you scored some serious fish!!!

  2. Wow, look at that enormous rainbow trout...score! Sounds like a wonderful time and brings back memories for me.

  3. Thanks for sharing- I love the white balls?

  4. Isn't Pinecrest really nice....we live in Twain Harte which is just down the road...You cought some big fish....

    Are you doing your Dear Jane by hand or machine. I started mine with machine,but I think I'm going to do the rest by hand. Then I can take them with me. It is going to take me forever to finish.