Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peppermint Place BOM

I received this wonderful Peppermint Place BOM from my dear friend Doreen for my birthday / Christmas present. Isn't it just adorable !!!!! She knows how much I love my birds and enjoy watching them in my yard with my bird feeders & birdbaths . Just a perfect gift for me !
                                       This month I received my first pattern #1  to make " St. Nick's Nest ". The pattern also included a Peppermint place accessory fabric packet !  I will be using the Santa list , north pole  &  Santa's workshop for this block that measures 15" x 10"
                                    This is my progress so far .

My pattern #2 will arrive the end of this month


  1. What a delightfully sweet project. I'm going to enjoy watching your progress. YUM!

  2. Beautiful birthday present from Doreen! I like the softness of the fabrics you are using for St. Nick's Nest. Very cute!

  3. You're making fabulous progress on your first block! I agree with Kathy, those soft backgrounds are really pretty and make the details of the little house just pop! It will be lots of fun to watch you put this quilt together!

  4. Oh my, you lucky girl! What a wonderful gift and so perfect for you. I love your project too. Using Doreen's invisible machine applique for it?

  5. How totally nice of Doreen! She knows you well, Sue! This will be so darned cute and so YOU!

  6. This is a fantastic project! I can't wait to see the blocks you make! Those blocks are so cute!