Sunday, July 28, 2013

Farmer's Market Basket quilt


                                       What did everyone do this weekend ?

Well............... I started a New quilt that has been on my " To DO " list for sometime
This quilt is called HIGH FASHION but I call my quilt " FARMERS MARKET BASKETS "
I started this quilt Saturday morning only using 1 layer cake of Farmer's Market by Brannock & Patek and I am almost ready to sew it together . 

I got this pattern from this book More Layer Cake ,  Jelly Rolls & Charm Quilts. I was ready for a quick and easy quilt after Peppermint place.

Now you are probably thinking  HMMM  What happen to Peppermint place ?  Did she finish it ?
       That is a big nope :-(   I was starting to sew my borders on this quilt & call it a finish but I made a BOO BOO !
         Can you see the red polka dot triangle to the far left near the birdhouse.  Well I cut it wrong  DARN IT !   SO I called the quilt shop and ordered a FQ of that fabric ( so glad they still had the fabric )  & once it gets here I can sew this quilt together :-D 

So my plans are to have 2 finished quilts this week . What a great feeling :-D

                   Of course I have my sewing supervisor  to keep me company !


  1. Oops! Hate when that happens. Thank goodness they had extra fabric!
    The baskets are cute and two finishes in a week...yeah!

  2. Love the baskets top! And Peppermint Place is a real beauty, even unfinished.

  3. I'm crazy about your Market Baskets quilt.

    And, you'll have Peppermint Place done before you know it. It's beautiful.

    Your supervisor is cute. :-)

  4. I am totally loving it, Sue! Sorry about the boo-boo! At least they have some replacement fabric for you - whew! Your sewing supervisor is too darned cute!

  5. I just adore basket quilts.
    I am loving your Christmas quilt too. I know you are glad you could still get some of the fabric.

  6. Oops - good thing you could still get a bit more fabric. That's got to be the worst feeling when you realize you've made a mistake like that; happens to all of us.

    I like the Farmer's Market Basket project!

  7. Boo boos happen and so lucky they had spare fabric for you...whew right? Also...can't say there has ever been a basket quilt I didn't deliver the goods again! Yummy!