Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Calendar Girls are back and so am I ........

We went camping last week .

Weather was perfect, good fishing and  lake was full .
When we arrived at the campground it was very empty. We basically had it all to ourselves .
one night I headed to the campground bathroom with my little flashlight.
As I came out I heard this loud noise of what sounded like a herd of horses headed my way. I could hear their hoofs pounding the ground .
I froze and then could not believe my eyes. It was a large herd of deer running thru the campground right by  me ! YIKES !!!

Here we are in our boat fishing. What a beautiful view !

My Calendar Girls quilt was delivered last Monday.

Just a little sneak peak ;-)  All I can say is that it is GORGEOUS !!!

I have already sewn on my binding and quilt sleeve . Started hand sewing last night and 1 side is done.
I will post a full reveal when I have it completed

Happy Sewing !



  1. Oh, ah, cannot wait to see the reveal.

  2. Hi Sue, darling quilt! My "Lucy" measures 60 x 60. I didn't want a big quilt either! Happy Sewing!

  3. Such a beautiful view where you go camping.
    Looking forward to seeing your Calendar Girls completed!

  4. What a lovely place to camp, Sue! I had an experience like that during the day while fishing a river in Colorado. A huge herd of elk came rumbling down the hillside across the river from where i was fishing. I hid in a stand of bushes in case they barreled across the river to me, but thankfully, they didn't. Hope you caught some nice fish! Can't wait to see your final reveal.