Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Baskets Baskets & More baskets......

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day !

I sure did :-D The kids had a BBQ on Saturday and
we had a wonderful time !

Sorry I have not posted for awhile. Seems like I am on Instagram alot
these days. If you would like to follow me on Instagram my name is sue_babich

The only sewing I have been doing this last 2 weeks is making more basket .
I made these 4 baskets for myself 

I have them in my cabinet to hold  my smaller precuts in  and plan on making more for my sewing room.
I will have my 5" charms  in one basket , the next one holds my jelly rolls , next one will hold my smaller FQ bundles and the last one with the cute Rabbits will hold my layer cakes that are rolled up .

 Remember the Yellow and Gray Chevron  baby quilt  and 2 Chevron baskets I made ?
The  mom to be I made them for loved them and asked where I got them ?  I offered to make her more baskets and I mailed  these 5 out to her last week .
Now I have used all of my yellow and gray fabric stash.

To say that I am addicted to these baskets is a understatement ;-D

They are so fun to make in fact to date I have made 18 of these baskets.

These are called 1 hour baskets and here is the link to the free pattern & tutorial for these baskets :




  1. You are going to be the basket making queen soon.

  2. I've joined your group of baskets anonymous! They are so addictive.

  3. Seems like I see baskets like these everywhere now! I'm really thinking that I might have to make a few ... I think they'd make fabulous Christmas presents. If you wouldn't mind sharing your IG info, I'd love to follow ... see more of your fabulous work.

  4. More wonderful baskets, what a great idea for fabric storage!

  5. When you make your baskets, are you using cotton or home dec fabric! If you are using cotton, are you using anything besides fusible fleece? I made one with cotton and fleece and it wouldn't hold its shape. Yours are so cute and pretty!