Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Organizing my Sewing Studio...

I finished making more 1hourbaskets ( you can find the pattern here :
and spent the morning organizing my scraps. I have made 25 baskets to date !
I feel SO organized now :-D

                                       My kitty Smoky decided she needed to help.
We lost her to Diabetes last a few days ago . She was such a sweet girl .

This morning I also went out and cut some of my Hydrangeas in the garden .
These are just my favorite flowers and I enjoy drying them to enjoy for years to come :-D

Happy sewing !



  1. Love your baskets...they look so nice and tidy :)

  2. Those baskets - adorable! And like you, I just love hydrangeas and am glad that mine decided to bloom this summer (although its blooms are puny compared to yours!).

  3. You are using up all your fabrics making the baskets. You won't have any left to put in them. So sad, you will have to buy more. LOL!

  4. Hello Sue,

    Love the baskets, you look so organised.

    Happy days.

  5. Your 1 hour baskets look wonderful on your shelves.
    Your sewing room organization is great!
    Smoky looks adorable posing for the camera.