Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fall is in the air .........

It is starting to feel like Fall here :-D
It was 75 her the last few days and 54 in the morning ! I just love fall !

I just finished sewing my Urban  Cowgirl quilt together . I have been hoarding these 2 charm packs for quite a few years . The blocks are 4 1/4" and the top measures 23 3/4" square. I have not decided if I want to leave it like it is or add a border.

I have been sewing my binding on my  Tiled Blooms Aloha Girl in the evenings
What are the chances that I had this perfect thread color in my sewing room ;-)

I just love the quilting by my friend  Mary of Quilt Hollow did for me.

My Chinese lantern plants always let me know when Fall is here

and I have been putting out a few Fall decorations out on my bakers  rack on the deck


  1. still 60's and 90 here , we are hoping for cooler next week

  2. What a beautiful little bow tie quilt!
    I vote for a border to corral all those colors, and provide a resting place for the eyes.

  3. You did something nice with charm packs. I stopped purchasing them because I could never think of anything to do with them.

  4. So Cute and so appropriate for the garden girl! Love those happy prints!

  5. Here, in Arizona, fall is a long way off. Enjoy your cooler weather and autumn color!

  6. Savor today, looks like we have one more heat wave coming thru this week. Great use of charm packs!

  7. Love the use of the charm pack in your Urban Cowgirl quilt. You really balanced the colors nicely. It is a good day when you have the perfect color of thread. Hope you got some binding done with this little hint of fall

  8. Love your fabrics in the Urban Cowgirl quilt.:)

  9. Your Urban Cowgirl quilt is looking beautiful!
    Aloha Girl is going to be such a gorgeous finish.
    Love your Chinese lantern plant - we are still in summer mode here, so nice to see some hints of Fall.