Monday, January 24, 2011

Finished the blocks for Maison de Garance Now what ??

Yeahh! I finished all 36 quilt blocks for the Maison de Garnace Hot Cross quilt. I have spent alot of time arranging these blocks but I get more confused the more I play with them. Just nothing is helping me figure out the best way to lay these blocks out . Help! I would appreciate any suggestions anyone would have as far as how to arrange these. I have never made a scrappy quilt before. Usually the quilts I make are simple and uniform patterns. I feel out of control with this one :-(
The second picture is the fabrics I have chosen to finish the quilt with. The first fabric in the lighter coffee color is for the inside border, the second fabric in the dark chocolate fabric is for the outside border and large print with birds is for the backing.


  1. Your blocks are amazing, you can't go wrong with your placement, sometimes over thinking their placement can drive you crazy! I like what you've got on your design wall.

    Your outer border fabric is my favorite from that family! I think once you have your borders on, you'll be happy with how the center blocks look!

    Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

  2. Congratulations...your blocks are really gorgeous! I love your border and backing choices too!

    Your blocks look fabulous just the way you've set them! If you are looking for a more "controlled" scrappy then perhaps you could establish a pattern where every row contains 1 of the dark brown, dark red and medium tan blocks.
    But again - these blocks are all so gorgeous and look beautiful just the way you've set them in the picture!

    Looking forward to seeing this completed!

  3. I agree with Doreen. They look great just the way they are! Scrappy is slightly out of control. Just step back or look at the quilt through a camera lens and then you can see how beautiful it is as a whole.