Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Progress on Hot Cross Maison de Garance blocks....

Making GREAT progress on my HOT CROSS quilt ! I have 1/2 of the blocks done. Hubby was gone ALL day saturday and I took the opportunity to work on my quilt. What fun these are to make . The fabrics are just GORGEOUS !! You see hubby is retired and home 24/7 so I never have a full day to myself like this. What a perfect day of playing music , drinking tea and sewing ALL day. If I can finish 3 or 4 blocks a day I should be able to sew this quilt together by the end of the week.


  1. Congrats on getting so many of these blocks done already! They are just GORGEOUS!


  2. Oh, this is coming out so elegant. Keep going. I am looking forward to the final result.

  3. What a perfect project for that fabric! I love this so much better than the Mocha Trail pattern I used for Maison de Garance. I can hardly wait to see it finished, each block is just amazing. Great Job all around!

  4. Sue your quilt is beautiful, you are really doing a wonderful job on your quilts. I love the colors and pattern.

    You know if you need fab's give a hollar :) Luv you...