Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Flowers in my Garden

I just love this time of year ! We had 80 degrees weather the last week and while we were working in the gardens I thought I would take some pictures to share with you of just a few of the things that are blooming right now . ENJOY !


  1. Gorgeous gardens, Sue! You're way ahead of us in blooming - I'm envious! We had 80's a few days ago and now we're in torrential rains and 50's!

  2. Beautiful Sue!!!!! Love your bridge....Thanks for sharing with us.

    :) Carolyn

  3. Oh Sue...I just love your garden! The blue is so pretty against the little foot bridge. A beautiful place to enjoy! Lots of work involved in keeping it so lovely.

    Enjoy your weather and garden.
    Hugs, Nancy
    PS Thanks for visiting!

  4. I did enjoy! Is that a dear fence I saw? Love the columbines.

  5. You can install some flowers or vines on your garden bridge, Sue! That’ll make it look more cozy and great! Anyway, are the flowers in the second photo Forget Me Nots? It’s kinda hard to tell. Those are the only flowers I remember that can bloom at large numbers. This is some nice work for your garden, keep it up!
    Jamie Keifer

  6. Luckily, spring is coming again! It is a time when nature seems to be awakened and renewed, don’t you think? You’ll be able to see your plants bloom and show a myriad of colors again. I particularly like the blue flowers. They look good in a bunch. And I think it will enhance the landscape more if you add a water feature. It doesn’t have to be big and obvious. I think an urn with water overflowing from it would be great! ;] -->Jeremy Beauregard

  7. Yellow, blue, white, orange, purple, pink…you have it all! Haha! Oh, these flowers are just so magnificent! Anyway, that cute, little bridge caught my eye! I would love to have that in my garden too! :p

    Shona Martinez