Monday, July 16, 2012

A Fun Weekend ...

I'm back from a fun 4 day weekend ! We left Thursday with friends and we drove to Reno and saw the " MAN IN THE MIRROR " Michael Jackson musical tribute.  It was 107 when we were in Reno :-(  Friday morning we drove to South Lake Tahoe. Much cooler at the lake  :-)  We went to the Chicago / Doobie Brothers outdoor concert that night.Both were great shows !!   Saturday we drove around the lake  and had lunch.  We are so fortunate to only live 2 hours from this beautiful lake .

Once I go thru my mail and finish laundry I want to work on  finishing my Vintage Rouge BOM Blocks for Month #2 & #3. 


  1. Glad you had a good time! But 107??

  2. What fun, Sue! I would have loved to see both! Joe Walsh of Chicago was once a customer of mine in a business I used to own! What a treat it was talking to him now and again!

  3. I was beginning to worry Sue! When I saw the picture, I though you were in Chicago. We've gone from too hot to unseasonably cool. So glad you had a great time. Welcome back to the world of quilting.