Monday, July 23, 2012

The Garden & progress Vintage Rouge & Swoon

Hi! Hope everyone had a great weekend ! It has been HOT here ! We had a thunderstorm come thru her last night and again this morning so we are getting some relief. I went out this morning and cut my hydrangeas to dry . Also picked a bowl of tomatoes.

 Sunday was devoted to getting caught up on my VINTAGE ROUGE BOM quilt blocks for Month #2 & # 3 . I finished 4 of the blocks #2 using the invisible machine applique method that Doreen taught me and may I say I LOVE IT ! I also finished sewing all 20 of my t-blocks for month #3. I am happy to say I am all caught up now. I also finished sewing my 3rd block for Swoon AND I started my SPOOLS quilt  but I do not want to post a picture till I have it done ;-)

Now I need to finish the sashing on my July Calendar girl !  It feels so good to be all caught up :-D
Hydrangeas cut for drying and tomatoes from the garden

Stargazer just now blooming usually blooms in May

3 Swoon blocks done

4 Vintage Rouge BOM blocks # 2 invisible   machine appliqued and done

20 Vintage Rouge BOM T blocks # 3 done


  1. Beautiful hydrangeas and stargazers they are my favorite! our stargazers bloomed two weeks ago..we are about a month ahead on all our plants this year.

    Your Vintage Rouge & Swoon project is lovely. Great colors too!

    Hope you have a great week...:)


  2. Good for you, getting caught up on your projects! Feels good, doesn't it.

  3. Wow Sue - you've been wonderfully busy!
    LOVE your fabric choice for your Swoon blocks!
    Congrats on getting so many Vintage Rouge blocks done as well as your other sewing projects! Your Lily is gorgeous.

  4. It feels great when you have caught up with things, I'm feeling the same as I've just finished a few blocks too.

    I really like the look of your Swoon project, lovely blocks, I have the pattern but haven't decided on fabrics yet.

  5. I love dried hydrangeas. I see you have a tried and true method? I just cut and hung them upside down. All your blocks are had a productive Sunday.

  6. Gorgeous hydrangeas, Sue! Wish my tomatoes were that ripe, but not just yet! Your Swoon blocks are gorgeous! I ordered the pattern but didn't realize how ginormous they are! Got to figure out how to make mine smaller!