Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Flag of Valor back from the quilter " Star Spangled "

 My  Flag of Valor quilt back from the quilter ! LOVE IT !

This quilt was quilted by Mary at Quilt Hollow. She did a amazing job!

The quilt pattern I chose was  ' STAR SPANGLED "

This is the fabric I chose for the binding . 

Hope everyone is staying cool with this hot weather we have been having.  I have been going out early in the morning to tend to my gardens and sewing in the afternoon.  My 2 favorite things to do .


  1. This quilt turned out GORGEOUS!
    I like your fabric choice for the binding too!
    Congratulations on an AWESOME finish!

  2. I ditto everything "Doreen" wrote!!!

    :) Carolyn

  3. I, too agree with Doreen, I have that quilt on my "to do" list, and after seeing your gorgeous quilt, it is moving higher :)

  4. Glad you like the quilting texture...it's a pretty quilt.

  5. Looks great Sue! Did Mary quilt it for you? Hot and steamy here now too! Must be August.

  6. Oh my Sue...what a beauty! I just love it! The binding choice is perfect...it will draw your eye right into the quilt.

    Have enjoyed catching up on your posts...you have been busy!
    Hugs, Nancy