Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Swoon & new items in my Sewing room....

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend !

Our neighbors invited us to join them at  a cabin they rented on Donner Lake for  the weekend.  We had a great time & caught lots of trout !

                       Today I am relaxing and made another Swoon block.

Just listening to Pandora  & sewing

I chose this fabric for the center of this block because my favorite flowers are Hydrangeas
                I bought these at STAPLES  last week and they are GREAT ! The document holder is perfect for holding my patterns with its little magnets to hold it in place and the letter organizer is just perfect for organizing my rulers and it hardly takes up any space
                                            Plus it looks awful darn cute on my drafting table don't you think ?
                                          So here I am with 5 Swoon blocks

                      I am auditioning my fabrics I have to see if I  enough fabric to                                      make  4 more blocks


  1. Isn't auditioning the fabrics one of the most fun part of sewing? Especially when you "have to" look at all the pretties in your FG stash :) Love the idea of using the letter holder for the rulers.

  2. I looked at letter holders at Staples recently and wondered if they would work for that--just was trying to decide which color to try! :) Thanks for trying them out for me!

  3. Didn't think about the document holder, but that looks like a great idea too! You're awfully organized now! ;)

  4. I love our Swoon. I made mine with the French General (one of my favorite fabric lines) It makes for a beautiful quilt.

  5. Oh, your newest Swoon block makes me swoon.

    I've given the document holders a second & third look at Staples and wasn't sure. I'm glad it's working for you. The letter rack for your rulers is a terrific idea. I changed my ruler organization this past week end.

  6. OMG, I spent all my summers at Donner Lake in a cabin my Dadd built. My Mom unfortunately sold it. I pine for those days. Oh yeah, love the new swoon block and your organization tools.