Monday, May 13, 2013

Camping on the beach at Capitola and progress on Easy Summer Breeze quilt

                                     Hope everyone had a Wonderful Mother's Day !!!

We hooked up our tent trailer last Wednesday and camped at New Brighton Beach  at Capitola , California.  Weather was just perfect !

      That is our truck & tent trailer at our campsite . It was so nice to be able to walk right over to the showers & bathroom.

 While there we went to Gayle's Bakery one morning for  coffee & a pastry .  WOW!  What a selection they had !

This was a table they had there ! Oh how I would love to have this table ;-D
Of course no trip is complete without going to ZELDA"S for Thursday Lobster night. Yes I ate this whole thing and it was only $12.99 !!!!!

We also drove down to Carmel 1 day for breakfast and I had a Lobster, crab & shrimp omelet ! Hmmmm!  

                                  I need to catch up on my Easy Summer Breeze quilt 

                    I have ironed all of my blocks and have started trimming them to 6 1/2" Square
Can't wait till Wednesday to see what Doreen has planned for us to sew thee together :-D

You can follow here sew along by clicking on her link I have on my upper right sidebar of my blog


  1. Looks like a great getaway!

  2. What a beautiful place to go camping!
    What a pretty beach and the food all looks fabulous! Glad you had some nice weather and a good time!

  3. Goodness... how could anyone possibly decide on just one from that bakery selection? I'd be in big trouble! Looks like you had ideal weather for camping... what a wonderful getaway!