Monday, June 24, 2013

My sewing Room

          Carol is having a Show your Sewing Room Day today and I thought I would join in !
This picture is looking into my sewing room as you enter the door......... As you can see I use the right side of the room for my office and the left side for my sewing
Here is a closer look at my sewing area.  These cabinets hold all of my sewing supplies & my precuts

This is how I have the top of this cabinet decorated. These  are all gifts that have been given to me except for the jars holding my spools of thread are from Ikea
  I keep my finished quilt tops in this basket that are ready to be quilted
          On the right side of the room is my office.  Yep !  There is my Willow Weave on the design wall.

                                                   Top of the office cabinet

in my closet I keep my project boxes , quilts in progress and my stash grouped by color. On the floor of my closet to the left is my Civil War Stash , the basket  in the center holds items I am selling on Ebay & the basket on the right holds my shipping supplies
This area has my cutting table , Wicket shelving to display my finished quilts and bookcase to hold quilting books & patterns
Hope you enjoyed my tour !   I know I am a very lucky girl to have my own Sewing Room / office . I am in hear every day sewing and blogging :-D

It is raining outside so I think I am going to try to work on my Willow Weave Quilt


  1. You have a very nice space, so clean and well-organized. I liked seeing your Spools quilt hanging up.

  2. That is the neatest, well organized sewing room I think I have ever seen! And, so inviting. I shutter at the thought of taking you on a tour of my space...LOL!

  3. You have a lovely space to sew in. I suddenly feel the need to get my space organised and tidied up!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  4. What a pretty room! I love the soft green color. I also have a basket for my unfinished tops!

  5. You have an awesome sewing room!
    It's functional and beautiful.

  6. Oh, your room is wonderful. A very peaceful spot to do lots of pieceful things! Can I come sew with you? :-)

  7. The perfect space to be creative! ...and it's beautiful! I like the progress you are making with Willow Weave's layout. Well done!

  8. Oh my, Sue wonderful to have such a beautiful creative space, thanks for sharing!!

    :) Carolyn

  9. You have a wonderful sewing room... so spacious and bright! And I recognize the cross stitch in the last picture...a Jeremiah Junction design???

  10. Wow! You look so organised and... tidy! :o) Love your sewing room/office and your closet... well it looks full of stash goodies to me. Now... I must go and tidy up my room... you've put me to shame.....

  11. Thanks for the tour of your sewing room Sue, I love it. Looks like you have a Viking Sapphire sewing machine. How do you like it? That's what I'm thinking about getting someday.

  12. You have a lovely sewing room! But I got a bit of a surprise when I saw the last picture...I have the same cross stitch hanging in my house. I stitched it many, MANY years ago! LOL

  13. Hello Sue,

    You have a lovely office and sewing room. I noticed you live in Grass Valley, that is a little town near where I live in Western Australia.

    Happy days.

  14. I am a huge fan of your room, Sue! One day I'll have one very similar!

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