Thursday, January 9, 2014

A little sewing ....


Sorry I was gone so long it has been a busy New Year .

Yes that is my Peppermint Place quilt .  I have been sewing the binding on when I have time at night and have 2 sides done.  I will be sure to post a picture when I have it done.  The quilting is Amazing on this quilt !  I am SO pleased

 I did finish the binding on my Gem Collector quilt and I am enjoying it on my couch

 The reason I have not been doing much sewing is   that I have been busy pruning my roses and trying to clean up the yard.


This !

Our neighbor had this huge rotten oak tree taken down and they had to use a crane because the tree guys would not take a chance to climb it.  Our neighbor was kind enough to give us the wood .  That is my hubby starting to cut the wood . Our kids came up and helped get alot of it cut and hauled to our house . They are coming back up this weekend to help finish .    Our friend brought his log splitter over and has been splitting the wood as  they bring it over.  Quite a assembly line ! Hopefully this wood will be done this weekend and things will calm down enough so that I can start sewing again.

I did take down my Country Charmer and hung my Swoon quilt for the month of January !

Its a little late to say but ................

Happy New Year Everyone !!


  1. Wow, what a project! But all that nice firewood when you are done. I can hardly wait to see Peppermint Place.

  2. The quilting is phenomenal on your peppermint quilt! Also love that swoon quilt...a pattern I would love to make sometime!

  3. Looks like you'll have a good supply of firewood!
    Thanks for the sneak peak at Peppermint Place... the quilting looks superb!!!

  4. Sometimes binding seems to take forever to stitch down. Especially on a larger quilt. Not my favorite part of making a quilt except to know it is getting close to being done.

  5. Happy New Year and sounds like you have been quite busy....and love your swoon quilt.

  6. No wonder you've been so busy, Sue! I just love how Gem Collector looks on your couch - it would look great on mine, too (wink)! Good that your neighbor had the tree taken down before it fell on either of your houses and GREAT that they gave you the wood! I know you'll be glad to get sewing again! What's new on the list?