Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Little French General Heart Quilt

It is starting to look like VALENTINES DAY at my home !

The heart quilt has been on my to -do list ever since I saw it on Pleasentree blog
Merumo posted this " Secret Recipe for You  quilt "  on her blog 2/9/11.

I made mine from leftover scraps of French General fabric I had and the white with the little heart vines fabric I used  is from my leftover Midwinter Reds fabric.   I used a Judie's 25th Anniversary by Judie Rothermel for the border fabric  . You can find her recipe for this quilt here

Here are a couple more  Valentine quilts that I like to display in my home the month of February

I have even decorated my front porch !

 And I can not forget my Little Redwork Calendar girl block ! She is just Too Cute !

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day !



  1. Lovely quilts and decorations!

  2. The French General heart quilt is oh so sweet. And I very much like the heart quilt with the flowers poking through each heart.

  3. Your home is all set for Valentines Day, Sue! Very cute decorations, and I love seeing tulips on your table! We have a several weeks to go before we can snip and display any here in Iowa. I love your colorful wreath... makes me anxious for spring!

  4. Great way to use those gorgeous scraps! I looked at Merumo's recipe and of course loved the photo of her Doxie laying claim to her little quilt! Just like home!

  5. What a sweet little heart quilt!
    Your Valentine quilts and decorations are all beautiful!

  6. Sweet fabrics too, love the heart wreath, so pretty and a prelude to Spring! Nice floral print for the table quilt setting, gorgeous! Happy Valentines!

  7. Your "Valentine" quilts and decorations are wonderful!

    Happy Valentines Day tomorrow!


  8. You do French General so well, Sue! Your house looks perfect for Valentine's Day!