Monday, February 24, 2014

Hampton Ridge Month # 2 quilt blocks done... now there are 8

May I just say how addictive these blocks are ?

Each one even more fun then the last

I just finished Hampton Ridge  month #2 blocks 5 thru 8

Here is all 8 of them on my design wall.....

and here is Month #3 just waiting for me to play with :-D

A few of you have asked what quilt shop I am receiving this BOM from.  First of all this BOM was a very generous  Christmas gift from my dear friend Doreen at Aunt Reen's Place

The quilt shop I am receiving the BOM of the month from is  Kelly Ann's Quilting Shop .  They are so nice at this shop and very organized . You can find them here 



  1. Your blocks are beautiful! :0)

  2. Gorgeous blocks! They will make a stunning quilt!

  3. You have good piecing skills. I was trying to pick out a favorite block but too many to choose from.

  4. Wish I had signed up for this one, Sue! It's gorgeous!

  5. Your blocks are all gorgeous Sue!
    This will be such a beautiful quilt!

  6. I'm, just plain jealous!!! These blocks are wonderful!!! LOVE the fabrics!!!! More, more, please!!!

  7. I just love these blocks! It must be so hard to wait for the next month's arrival!