Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall and California fires

Well it is official !

Monday is the first day of Fall !

Time to start decorating for Fall !

The Fall quilts are hung

Wreath on front porch to greet friends

Just love this Sign !

We had a scare last Saturday !
 I do not know if you saw on the news the " DOG BAR FIRE " ?
The fire was only a mile or so down the street from us an we had the closest  fire hydrant so trucks have been coming by regularly to feel up the tanker trucks.   Just to close for my comfort :-(
I am happy to say that the fire is now 75% contained .
There is also a horrible fire at Yosemite and at Pollock Pines !  Pollock Pines fire has burned over 8,900 acres so far !

We have been experiencing very thick and heavy smoke here for days .

My hats go off to these brave fireman and the awesome job they are doing in this busy fire season !


  1. I like the quilt on the ladder rack that has pumpkins and birds. Very nicely done.

    There is a package on the way to you.

  2. Yes the fires are just awful! We are here in Carson City and every afternoon you can't see the town because of the smoke. My heart goes out to those (animals too!) that are being affected by this tragedy. Your quilts and decorating are beautiful!!!

  3. Cute decor! I did see on the news about those fires. Yuck!

  4. The people who fight these fires are heroes. Glad you are safe. Like what you've done to welcome fall.

  5. We don't watch the news when traveling ... I didn't realize that you all were enduring these terrible fires. :-( Praying that you will be safe ... And for protection for those firefighters out there on the front lines. I love your fall decor ... Especially that little table topper.

  6. I bet Smoky is tired of it being Smoky! So sad that the Needle Nellies are having to cancel their show this weekend because of the closures and smoke.
    I need to play in my autumn/halloween toys this weekend too! I'm lovin' on that applique pumpkin with birds on the top rung of your ladder...can we see more of that one pretty please? Which quilty is that?

  7. Your decorations liven up the season and are so peaceful. Going to have to make that pumpkin table topper, Im sure its in one of my magazines. Its too bad that one of the best seasons bring fire hazards. Late summer-fall everything is drying out and prone to catch.

  8. Hi Sue - I always love seeing your decorations change with the season! Thank goodness you haven't had the fire come any closer! My heart goes out to everyone that has been in the fire lines!

  9. Your decorations look terrific. I love that table topper too!