Monday, September 1, 2014

Fall Garden

Happy Labor Day and  September 1st !

I don't know about you but I am ready for cooler weather and for my Maples to start changing color

I walked around the garden and took a few pictures of what is blooming right now.

Decorated my bakers rack on the deck !

I do not know if your remember  this plant I purchased last year !  It is a Chinese lantern plant and everyone warned me NOT  to plant it on my garden so I put it in this pot.

Well I lifted up one of the leaves and I have 3 blooms on it this year !
I dried the flowers I had last year and they look so pretty in a dried flower arrangement

This is flowering maple that I just put on the deck ! Love the flowers on this one !

Walking onto the deck you will see I moved my furniture around

 I now have my wicker chairs facing the yard while having my morning coffee

Smoky is laying in waiting hoping to catch a bird

I have lots more pictures to share and will post them soon

Happy Sewing !



  1. You have the most peaceful and picturesque yard, Sue! If I was having my morning coffee there, I might never get up!

  2. I am ready for some cooler weather, too! Bring on Fall. Love your plants.

  3. Fall makes me happy too. Your garden and patio is charming and welcoming.

  4. Love your little garden ... looks so peaceful. I'm curious ... why shouldn't you plant the Chinese lantern plant in the garden?

  5. Very nice views! Love your plants and they seem to be thriving!! Beautiful place to have coffee! Thanks for sharing your photos. (

  6. I could sip my morning Joe on that inviting back porch!

  7. Aww. Loverly little bit of escape! Smoky is one lucky pretty kitty! We didn't get anything fun planted this pumpkins in my garden (sniff)...I has a sad...