Monday, January 5, 2015

A New Year and New Project

Started my New Year by putting away all of my Christmas decorations  and took down my Christmas quilts .

I decided to hang my Chai Tea Quilt for this month and ......

Then I changed out of quilt ladder

Before I started another quilt decided I should start the New Year organizing my sewing room closet

Ahhhh !  Much better :-D

Yes you do see a Christmas stocking on the left.  This is the new quilt I started :-D

This quilt  was a sew along on Instagram last month by Lori Holt .  If you would like to join me on Instagram I am sue_babich  .  I am using only fabric from my stash and am having SO much fun making these

This is what the finished quilt looks like. Isn't it just adorable :-D
I have chosen my fabrics and have cut out my pieces to make the Mittens and Present today .

I also wanted to share with you this wonderful gift I received for Christmas .
I love Sea Turtles ever since I swam with a few when snorkeling in Maui .




  1. Your Chia Tea quilt is beautiful and looks perfect in your room. With everything straightened up in your sewing closet, you'll be ready for anything, Christmas or Sea Turtles.

  2. Sue, your "change out" quilts are just wonderful - what a great display!!

    The Christmas quilt is adorable!

    Have a blessed day!

  3. I wish my sewing room closet looked like yours! Mine is quite a jumble. It does not have shelves like yours.

  4. Love that Chai Tea quilt!
    Your sewing space looks awesome!
    That christmas quilt is going to be just darling!

  5. My in laws live in Grass Valley, well their address is Penn Valley. How cool.

  6. Love your quilt ladder and your sewing room,..
    Greetings from holland,..