Friday, February 20, 2015

Found the Dachshund fabric for the baby quilt !

Found this perfect DOG  fabric for the backing of the baby quilt I just finished sewing together :-D

Isn't it just the cutest ?

It is called  VICTORIA HUTTO for Quilting Treasures 

I think it be perfect for a child's quilt.  Found it at my local Ben Franklin store.  
I walked into the store and asked the person in the fabric section if she had any Dachshund fabric and she said " Lets go check out our dog section "  We walked over to this wall of different dog fabrics. I was shocked that had so much !

So glad I found this fabric and now I can finish this quilt :-D


Have a Great weekend !



  1. That's quite a Ben Franklin ... with so many dog fabrics ... I can only imagine how many other fabrics they had as well. No more Ben Franklins in this part of the country.

  2. What a great find! Perfect!

  3. This fabric is just darling and perfect for the back of this baby quilt!

  4. Who knew there would be enough fabric for a dog section. Looks perfect for your baby quilt.