Thursday, February 19, 2015

My garden in Bloom and baby quilt


It has been over 2 weeks since I have posted on my blog :-(

I have been without internet and house phone for the last 6 days and have been trying to catch up with  what I have missed on blogland.
I have been on instagram while I had not internet . Such a fun way to take a picture and say a little something about it.  My instagram  name is sue_babich if you would like to follow me.

I did finish  sewing together  a baby quilt that I am making for a friends son & wife. Just need to find some dachshund fabric for the backing . Their colors are yellow & grey. It measure 40" x 48 " .

We have been working in the yard alot also these last 2 weeks. The weather has been in the 70's so we have been cleaning up flower beds and hubby has been raking leaves and pine needles.

I walked our our property this morning to see what is blooming and took pictures to share with you.

Hope you enjoy :-D





  2. Nice. Yellow and gray is very popular for baby items. Looks like a fairly easy quilt to make.

  3. It looks so cute all set together now! There are some really cute doxie prints out there. Are you looking for cotton or flannel? My little doxie love is snoozing on me as I write this!
    I discovered a narcissus with a bud coming up this afternoon...does that count?

  4. Gorgeous quilt. Thanks for the pictures of everything blooming ... it gives me hope that some day (soon?), we'll be seeing blooming flowers around here.

  5. The baby quilt looks so beautiful and so does your garden!
    A lovely change of view - my landscape is covered in snow right now!

  6. A great modern look on the baby quilt. A new mommy will love it. Nice to see your flowers!

  7. What an adorable baby quilt! You have such a good eye for color, Sue! Speaking of color - wow - you're so lucky to have so many blooming plants in the winter! We've been warm here but so far only the primroses are trying their best!