Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Seams Sew Easy Seam Guide

Many of you have inquired about how the SEAMS SEW EASY SEAM GUIDE by LORI HOLT of BEE IN MY BONNET  RILEY BLAKE DESIGNS  is adhered to the sewing machine without tape .  If you looks closely at my picture you will see the clear circles attached underneath the guide in all 4 corners . These 4 double sided stick circles are included with the guide and easily keep the guide in place when you are sewing

Here is a tutorial on Lori Holt's blog explaining more about the SEAMS SO EASY SEAM GUIDE

I bought mine HERE
They come in 4 different colors.... RED, GREEN , AQUA  and PINK

I love mine :-D

The surface of this guide has a texture that holds your fabric in place so that it does not slide around




  1. Just curious..what purpose do all those 'petals' serve? Looks like they'd get in the way.

  2. Thanks. I had wondered how it was attached. Off now to look at the tutorial.