Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stars and Stripes quilt is a Finish

As they say... Better late then never right ?

I finished sewing my binding on my STARS AND STRIPES quilt last night and even though it was not ready for the 4th of July I will still display it for Summer

Just LOVE the waves quilting that my friend Mary from quilthollow  chose for this quilt

 Mary sent me this picture of my quilt when she was quilting it ... look out the window and you can see her flag ;-)

  Oh Boy !!!  Look out, were about to have a walker on our hands !


  1. Love this quilt! It is just perfect. And, the wavy quilting makes it even more special.

  2. What Celia said...plus...its not late for Veterans Day!

  3. Your Stars and Stripes quilt seems to be fluttering in the breeze. I like the soft Aqua fabric that you chose as the shashing. It allows the flags to stand out. Mary chose the perfect quilting design. It's a lovely finish.

  4. The wavy line quilting is perfect for the flag quilt.

  5. The American flag is always in good taste, hooray! I especially liked the way the bias cut navy gingham made such wonderful starry fields.