Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Fall !!!

Hi Everyone !!

Happy Fall !!!

We are having cooler nights and the maples are starting to turn colors...

 Last Monday I fell off my small stool in the laundry room and broke my toe !
When I fell off the stool my small toe next to the baby toe caught the stool and bent all the way across
my middle toe  YIKES !  First thing I did was put  it back where it belong . Since then I have kept ice on it and kept it elevated .

Bad timing though.... Wednesday we had new carpet put in the entire house . Can you see all the furniture stacked on our back deck ???? This picture is before they removed the old carpet and padding . I have come the conclusion that the carpet installers have the easy job ;-)

My Strawberries 'n Cream quilt  arrived in the mail  from Mary @quilthollow and look at the Adorable mini Pineapple quilt she  surprised me with  :-D  Thank You Mary  I LOVE IT !!!

Here it is hanging off my front porch 

In Love with this quilting !

This is the quilting design I chose is  "Alpine " I thought it looked like strawberry vines with flowers

Fortunately my bad toe is on my left foot so I was determined to sew my binding on this quilt ;-)
I also hung my beautiful Pineapple quilt to I can enjoy it while sewing !



  1. No more climbing on stools for you! You have far too many quilts to create for that kind of nonsense? Has the toe been seen by a Doc? Have you buddy taped it? Have you had enough queries from nosy do-gooders?!?!?!
    I'm totally with ya' on the Alpine panto with Strawberry Fields! Couldn't be more perfect!

  2. Oh no your poor toes, Hope it gets better very soon. Beautiful quilting on your quilt. I love it.

  3. Yikes is right, "Sue"!!! Hope you are on the mend soon. Beautiful quilting!!

  4. So sorry to hear you broke your Toe! YIKES, I hope it heals quickly! Love your Strawberries & Cream quilt, it turned out gorgeous!
    Enjoy that beautiful new carpeting too.
    Feel better soon my friend!

  5. Such a sweetie...enjoy your little gift and my gosh....get well soon! I know it must drive you nuts to be down!

  6. Poor toe, but at least it on your left foot so you can still pedal your machine. Love that quilt!

  7. Hope your toe got you out of moving all that furniture and that nice carpet will feel so nice on a achy piggie. Your latest quilt is beautiful. You chose the perfect quilting design.

  8. Looks like you and I both have foot problems!
    Tomorrow is the first day of fall and I have not put even one fall quilt out on display. I need to do something about that. It may be that it does not seem one bit fall like here.

  9. Hope your toe gets better soon. Strawberries and Cream is lovely! Enjoy that new carpeting.