Friday, April 29, 2011

Early Mother's Day gift.........

Thursday morning hubby took me to the local nursery and surprised me by telling me I could pick out a Weeping Cherry tree for my Mothers Day gift !
I fell in love with the first Weeping Cherry tree I saw ! I had never seen one like this before . This is a " CHEALS' WEEPING CHERRY TREE " with its bright double flowers and a trunk that has shiny peeling coppery bark on it. It was love at first sight !

Hubby planted it for me today next to my bridge and added some river rock to go under the bridge.

What a wonderful gift that I can enjoy everyday and watch grow in my garden.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Red , White & Wonderful Roman Holiday Christmas Quilt..............

Finished my Red , White & Wonderful quilt top made of Roman Holiday fabric by Moda ! I call this Roman Holiday because I was so lucky to find this fabric on Ebay a few weeks ago , it has been retired for quite some time. Oh how I love this quilt ! I went together rather quickly except for the mitered corners. Measures 57 1/2 " x 57 1/2" . This is going to be perfect to display at chirstmas time. I want to thank THELMA again for sharing this pattern with me. I have always wanted to make a red & white quilt. Another quilt I would like to make one day is a black & white quilt.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red , White & Wonderful Roman Holiday .........

Thought I would share with you next quilt project ! RED , WHITE & WONDERFUL . ..

I know you are thinking a Christmas Quilt in April ? I guess I was just in the mood for a RED quilt and this one is Wonderful !

I first saw this quilt on Thelma's blog last January and just loved it. Thelma was kind enough to mail me her pattern when she was done with her quilt. The fabrics used are a older Moda fabric Roman Holiday. I searched and searched for this fabric and then found it on Ebay ! All of the fabric you see here is Roman Holiday except for the floral. The fabric I am using for the floral is Fancy HIll Farm Robyn Pandolf. I think it works well for the center blocks!

I cut all of my fabric Tuesday and made great progress piecing on wednesday.

I now need to sew the center together and then the tough part for me will be the 2 mitered borders . Yikes ! Never done that before !

Monday, April 11, 2011

Red , White & Blue Wiscasset April 2011 Finish....

Red , White & Blue Wiscasset ..... Well as you can tell I was in the mood for red white & blue! Oh how I love this fabric. I made this from 4 charm packs , 3 Red FQ's , 2 yards beige print and 1 yard blue border fabric. The quilt now measures 59 1/2" x 59 1/2" . Hmmmm.. now I need to decide on my next quilt project ?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Progress on Red , White & Blue Wiscasset................

I have been working on my Red, White & Blue Wiscasset quilt the last couple of days and I am hoping to have the top all sewn together today. As you can see I only have to finish the pieced sashing on the 2 sides and then sew all the blocks together. The picture below shows what I started this project with. Well I just was not happy making this quilt with only 9 blocks SO I made 25 blocks instead & I love it. I guess you would call this Madeline all grown up ! The dark blue paisley will be my fabric for the outside border and the beige fabric with little red circles will be my small inside border. The white with blue paisley square you see there I have chosen for the backing of my quilt. I hope to post the finished quilt top Monday morning !

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Viva Las Vegas.......

Thought I would show you where I was all last week..... Las Vegas ! It is hubby's 60th b-day this Friday and we went with our good friends to Las Vegas !
The first night we saw " KA" at the MGM and it was AMAZING!
The next day our friends took us for a drive and surprised hubby with 3 races on a indoor raceway. The 2 of them had SO much fun ! You see these 2 guys grew up together and have known each other since kindergarten Cool Huh ! Now don't they just look like professional race car drivers ?
The second night we went to "Aria ". Believe it or not there is a resturaunt in there !
When we went ARIA where we saw " VIVA ELVIS " also a CIRQUE DU SOLEIL ! WOW! Another great show !

When we got back home our kitty " Smokey was not eating ! We took her to the vet the morning we were supposed to drive down to the SF bay area. You see my girls were giving hubby a b-day party that day and we had most of the food , drinks etc. Smoky had a 103.9 fever and after running lots of test it was decided she had a infection. We brought her home and drove straight down to the party that was at 1PM and we arrived a 12:59 .
We had a wondrful time with all of our family and special friends. As you can see hubby is a big SF giants fan and he just loves this Jersey our future son in-law gave to him .

Monday, April 4, 2011

Eventide Luna Notte and a gift ........

My Eventide Luna Notte and I received a special gift from Thelma cupcakesndaisies Eventide Sew a-long that she kindly hosted. Look what the mailman just brought me !!! The gift from Thelma and The Fat Quarter Shop ! The gift for being the first person to complete there Eventide quilt top. My gift was that I could choose any layer cake I wanted . I was like a kid in the candy store looking thru all of the layer cakes they have in their wonderful shop. It arrived today in a big box and when I opened the box this beautifully wrapped package was inside. I finally chose GRACE by 3 Sisters for Moda! This fabric is gorgeous in person ! I want the thank Thelma again for hosting this wonderful EVENTIDE sew a-long . It was SO much fun and I know that I would still be working away on this amazing quilt if it was not for Thelma. Also Thank you to the Fat Quarter Shop for sending me this wonderul fabric.