Monday, June 30, 2014

Wool & Needle handwork & the 4th of July

In the 4th of July mood this week !

I pulled a hamstring a couple of weeks ago so I decided to pull out this Buttermilk Basin wool & needlework handwork MARCH . A girl can not just sit around without some kind of needle work to do ;-)

I prepped all of my pieces Saturday and hubby drove me to the store to pick up the threads and beads  ( bronze small seed beads )I needed.  Sunday I made great progress on this little 8" x 8" piece and plan on finishing it today

This is what it looks like when it is done but I think I am going to add a fabric border to make a little wall hanging. Perfect for my sewing room

This is how I pulled my hamstring :-(   I planted 48 Vinca ground cover plants in my side garden below the deck.  The hill is on a slight slope .  I am glad to say that after 2 weeks it is feeling much better today but still have it on ice and staying off of it today. I need to continue on my Hampton Ridge blocks !  Can't stop now I am so close ;-)

We planted new climbing roses on our front yard trellis last fall and they are doing great.  They are called Orange Crush and have a beautiful bright orange  blooms

As you can see I have tying to the arbor as they grow to train them to climb

Did a little decorating on the front porch

No I did not make this quilt.  I bought  it on Ebay quite a dew years ago and I have it hanging in my sewing room.

 We are going to our Daughter & her hubby's for a family BBQ

What do you have planned for the 4 th of July ???????

Happy Sewing !


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hampton Ridge BOM blocks for month #7 done & now there 29

Just finished  my Hampton Ridge BOM  blocks for Month # 7 !

blocks # 26 - #29

I must admit that this little spools block is my favorite so far 

So now there is 29  ! 

Now I only have 12 more blocks to make . Whoo Hoo Happy Dance !

Here is month #8
Time for me to start cutting this fabric so that I can sew these blocks together and be officially caught up on all of my blocks .  Feels so good ;-D

Happy Quilting


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Days & a winner of a give away

We have been enjoying the nice weather here in California . Been busy with small projects around  the house including....

Recovered my cushions for my wicker chairs on the deck

So handy to have my potting bench on the deck for gardening  and serving guest

Luckily we do not get a lot of sun on our deck and enjoy eating our meals here

Last week I was a very lucky winner of this wonderful book from a  give away  Rebecca at  Ruby Blue Quilting  Studio  Blog !  It is filled with  wonderful projects  for  the home .  Thanks So much Rebecca for your very generous give away :-D

Hydrangeas that picked from the garden this morning
Happy Quilting !


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hampton Ridge BOM mon th # 6 blocks done

 I Finished my blocks for month #6 of  my  Hampton Ridge BOM !

I got to make to basket blocks this month. They are SO cute :-D

So now there are 25 blocks & there is a total of 41 blocks to make for this quilt.
  I really liked how I had displayed these 4 blocks SO.....

I started playing around with them and came up with this !

Looks a lot different right !

This is actually how the blocks will be laid out in the quilt at point with sashing.

 The finished quilt will measure 88" x 88 "

I also cut out all the fabric for Month # 7

Happy Sewing !


Monday, June 16, 2014

Black Velvet is a finish !

Hi !

I finished the binding and quilt sleeve on this quilt a couple of weeks ago and I am finally getting around to posting it.  Love how this quilt came out !

Been very busy  last week !  Smoky our kitty came down ill  she kept getting sick , not eating or drinking & became lethargic so after 3 trips to the vet we found out that her blood work was good but that she was VERY constipated !  The first thing they asked was if I did any sewing ?  They were afraid she may have eaten some of the threads on the floor.  The X-ray  showed hair ( she is a persian ) and grass .  So after a enema she was finally feeling better  Sunday :-D   We are so relieved that she is feeling better !

I now vacuum my sewing room after sewing .

Also my Dell computer crashed and went to heaven :-(     So I ordered a new apple I mac desktop and may I say I am very happy :-D  I have been busy trying to add my bookmarks and learning new things . This morning I learned how to add pictures to my documents and post on my blog  Yeahhhhh!

I will post some pictures of my garden  later this week ,  I recovered the cushions for the patio set and have planted a few new things.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Progress on Hampton Ridge

I just completed Month #5 of my Hampton Ridge BOM...

Now I have 21 of the 41 blocks completed

Last night I cut all of my fabric for month #6

My goal is to try to make 1 block a day because I still have Month # 7  and  # 8 to make to  get caught  up

It has been  hot here in California these last few days . Fortunately our high has been only 89 here , perfect weather to stay inside drinking my sun tea and sew  :-D


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Playing In my Gardens

This is what I have been doing this week........... tending to my gardens !

First thing in the morning before it gets too hot I go out with my cup of coffee and  water , weed , dead head and work in my gardens .  These are just a few pictures of our backyard .  I thought you might enjoy seeing what is blooming right now.

Gardenia on the deck

Oh how I wish you could smell these !



perennial garden on side of house

carpet roses

one of my perennial gardens
New raised bed  BEFORE & ...
this is what it looks like now ! We have 5 raised beds in different parts of the yard

I received this greenhouse from my hubby for Mothers Day :-D   It is called the flower house . We unzip it each morning and close it up at night.  We have 1 shelving unit in the back and we are thinking about adding a 2shelve bench each side wall .