Thursday, November 29, 2012

Making progress on the Zippy Bags Christmas gifts....

Thought I would show you my progress on the zippy bags I am making for my daughter to give to her co workers .... Monday I cut all of my fabric & fleece . Tuesday I have sewn all of the side panels together . There are more bags that I am not showing because they are gifts I am giving for Christmas. Today I plan on sewing the zippers and finishing the bags.
Drinking my coffee while sewing
The fabric my daughter picked out for all of the bags
                                          These fabrics are SO fun to work with !

                Well time to do some sewing and get these bags done and off in the mail to my daughter

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Decorated for Christmas..... time to sew gifts

                                     Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving !

We had 2 dinners.  A pre -Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday night at my daughters  and then dinner at my BIL's Thursday,  Drove home Thursday night and finished the lights outside and put up our tree. I had decorated the inside of the house before we left.  My niece & her hubby came to visit for the weekend.  Good news I finished my Christmas shopping   NOW it is time to make Christmas gifts 

  My daughter asked if I would make these bags for 4 of her co workers. I of course said yes and off to her LQS for her to pick out fabric.  I will be making 4 sets with 1 large & medium bag for her.
Dining room is all decorated

Pinwheel quilt is on our kitchen nook table

Well I had better start cutting and sewing !!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Vintage Rouge Finished

                   Yes..... I finished my Vintage Rouge last night  Yeahhh!  I am doing a happy dance right now !!!    I am So happy with this quilt !   Doreen hosted a Vintage Rouge 6 month sew along online  .  Without all of her tutorials and cheering me on this quilt would have never been possible for me.  I did alot of paper piecing , invisible machine applique and even a little stitchery for the words Joy , Love , Peace & Hope.  This is one big quilt !  79 " x 79 "  .  Wow I hate to see how much it going to cost me to have this quilted !!  As you can see I was barely able to hang it on my wall in my sewing room, it covered half of my closet door.

Today I will be listing quite a bit of  things on EBAY today.  I will be listing some Christmas fabric and some quilt tops. You can find the link to my ebay on the upper right side of my blog , just click on the picture of the basket quilt that has MY EBAY written above it  and it will take you right there.

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Thanksgiving 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Saturday of berries berries berries for Vintage Rouge

   I'm back !!!  It has been awhile since I have posted on my blog .     The week after the wedding all I did was get caught up on my sleep . Last week was my birthday and hubby to me to Lake Tahoe . Just a beautiful drive with the snow on the ground. 
Thought I would show you my progress on my  Vintage Rouge.  I have the center of my quilt all sewn together
               I have finished invisible machine applique on all of my leaves , stems & Dresden  flowers on all 4 side panels
   My goal today is to applique all 56 berries ( 14 on each panel )  and then these panels will be done
  I have all of my blocks for the border done and borders all cut  SO my goal is to finish my Vintage Rouge this weekend.  
                      This is what the quilt will look like when I am done.   Hopefully I will post a picture of my completed Vintage Rouge on Monday.

Wishing Everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November Redwork Calendar Girl

                 Here is my November  Redwork Calendar girl holding her Thanksgiving Turkey. For those of you  who are new to my blog you may not know that Doreen and I are making this quilt together and each month post  our Calendar girl .  Doreen has been kind enough to  make 2 redwork girls each  month one for me & one for her and she has been designing the sashing for each block for us.  If you look to the left on my sidebar you will see that I have a link to all of the  Calendar girl blocks I  have completed so far this year..  Just think 1 more month and we will have our quilt done !

Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks !  Since we have moved to the country  we no longer host holiday dinners .  It is much easier for the kids for us to come down their house & of course bring the banana cream pie.  Looking forward to being with family. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wedding weekend

                   Lots going on here the last couple of weeks with final preparations for our daughters wedding.

                         Saturday November 3rd was our daughter s wedding day

The Bride & Groom

Proud Mom & Dad
  We received a wonderful photo album as a thank you from the kids at the rehearsal  dinner Thursday night with their wedding invitation personalized on the front , I can't wait to fill it with lots of pictures.  My 2 daughters & my soon to be son in law gave us this lovely plate with the easel for our anniversary gift.  The 2 little boxes you see are the wedding favors they gave out  Wine  Stoppers with  silver hearts.

What a wonderful day with family & friends that  we will never forget .