Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Farmers Market Basket top is a finish

                              This was the EASIEST quilt to make and SO  much fun . 
Just look at these adorable fabrics !  The only fabric I used to make this quilt was 1 layer cake of Farmers Market by Brannock & Patek .  What I really liked about this pattern was that there was very little waste of fabric . I purchased my backing fabric yesterday so once I have that prepared it is ready to send to the quilter.

GOOD NEWS..............  My FQ of the red polka dot fabric arrived yesterday so I am hoping to finish sewing my Peppermint Place quilt together today !

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Farmer's Market Basket quilt


                                       What did everyone do this weekend ?

Well............... I started a New quilt that has been on my " To DO " list for sometime
This quilt is called HIGH FASHION but I call my quilt " FARMERS MARKET BASKETS "
I started this quilt Saturday morning only using 1 layer cake of Farmer's Market by Brannock & Patek and I am almost ready to sew it together . 

I got this pattern from this book More Layer Cake ,  Jelly Rolls & Charm Quilts. I was ready for a quick and easy quilt after Peppermint place.

Now you are probably thinking  HMMM  What happen to Peppermint place ?  Did she finish it ?
       That is a big nope :-(   I was starting to sew my borders on this quilt & call it a finish but I made a BOO BOO !
         Can you see the red polka dot triangle to the far left near the birdhouse.  Well I cut it wrong  DARN IT !   SO I called the quilt shop and ordered a FQ of that fabric ( so glad they still had the fabric )  & once it gets here I can sew this quilt together :-D 

So my plans are to have 2 finished quilts this week . What a great feeling :-D

                   Of course I have my sewing supervisor  to keep me company !

Thursday, July 25, 2013



                        You have probably been wondering where I have been so   I thought I would share my progress on Peppermint Place

                  I finished all of the applique and have sewn the center all together
                  For the last 2 days I have been working on the peppermint borders

                                 And this is what I have to show for the last 2 days.   There are 8 strips here and I finished sewing the green & beige borders on 4 of them . These blocks were like putting  a puzzle together  but I did it  Yeahhhh!

  As you can see by the pattern cover I am very close to  finishing .  4 little peppermint candies still need to be pieced , one for each corner , the 3 red triangles for the border and the last green border.  I was hoping to have this quilt done this week but we will see.  I am getting so close I can taste it ;-)

Thanks for stopping by !


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Peppermint Place Quilt applique & embroidery almost done !

Hi !

 I having been working on my Peppermint place quilt and have been making great progress

I finished all of the invisible machine applique & embroidery on all of the center blocks and have sewn all of the center sections. Can you see the 4 corners are white with red & green polka dots ?

Now I am working on the  applique for the 4 corners with the branch with birds & stockings. 2 down 2 to go   and then I can invisible machine applique those . They are SO CUTE !  Then I can sew the whole center of the quilt together

As you can see by the pattern the borders are next .  It feels so good to have accomplished this much and to know I will have this done and ready to display this Christmas.

Have a Great DAY !


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Making progress on my Peppermint Place quilt


Thought I might show you my progress on my Peppermint Place quilt.

I am working on the applique for the 4  large background blocks right now  , 2 down  2 to go ! Then the only applique I have left to make is the birds on the branch with stockings in each corner .  The plan is to then to invisible machine applique everything  at one time , do any embroidery that needs to be finished and then sew it together :-D

                                                 HAVE A GREAT WEDNESDAY !

Friday, July 5, 2013

Peppermint Place Quilt project Christmas in July



Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July !

After finishing my Willow Weave quilt I decided it was time to look for my next quilt project and there it was ................ PEPPERMINT PLACE 6 month  BOM !!  PERFECT!

For you that follow my blog you may remember this was a gift that was given to me by Doreen for my B-day / Christmas present .  When I received my first block in January I made it right away and then other projects came up and it just sat.  Meanwhile every month I would receive another block to make. I plan on finishing this UFO this month so that I can enjoy it for Christmas .

                       ISN'T THIS JUST THE CUTEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                   January I made Block  #1  " St. Nick's Nest "

                    Tuesday I made Block #2  " Snowbirds Welcome "

                    Wednesday I made Block # 3 " All Decked out "
                    I still need to finish the machine applique & embroidery on

 Thursday I cut out all of my pieces for block # 4  " Sweet Treats "
                                and found that I was short on the fabric for the perch. I contacted the
                                shop & they are mailing me that fabric :-D

  Thursday I cut out all of my pieces for block # 4  " Sweet Treats and found that I was short on the fabric for the perch. I contacted the  shop &  they are mailing me that fabric :-D

   So.....................  Thursday I finished sewing bock # 5  " Pine Tree Perch "
You may notice that  the bottom 1/2 is not sewn on. The pattern says not to sew this
till I get to pattern #6 . Also I still need to machine applique & do a little embroidery .

 This is pattern #6  " ASSEMBLING THE QUILT  I will not be able to do anymore sewing on this till Sunday .  I think I will start on pattern # 6 and keep going till my fabric comes in the mail to complete #5. I plan on piecing everything then machine applique, embroider everything  and then sew the top together :-D



Thursday, July 4, 2013


                            WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY & SAFE 4TH OF JULY !

Monday, July 1, 2013

Going with a theme here

 I was given this valance from a friend who just moved from my neighborhood. She  made 2 but her new office can only use one so she gave me this one. 
       I love it and if you notice is  kinda of  coordinates with my new  blog design  !!!
Happy Monday !