Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween !

Wishing everyone a Happy & Safe Halloween !

We do not have trick or Treaters in our neighborhood.  I love the country but do miss the little ones coming door to door . I really enjoyed seeing them in costume

Instead our little town of Grass Valley closes off the streets of downtown  during the day and the merchants dress in costume  and hand out candy  while the parents bring their children for treats.
It is quite a site to see .

I have finally decided on a backing fabric for LUCY .

 It is a Fig Tree fabric called "MIRABELLE ". 
Since most of the fabric I used was Fig tree fabric and wanted something in the same soft orange color for the backing.

 I think it works perfectly don't you ?



Monday, October 27, 2014

Well  I Did it !!!!

I had received a gift for my 60th Birthday last year for 1 ride in a hot air balloon !

After much planning of schedules and weather my daughter arranged for us to fly in the sky Sunday morning ! Hubby was not interested in going so my daughter , her boyfriend and I went !

We got up at 4:30 in the morning to be at the Marriot in Napa by 7AM.
Where we had coffee and danish waiting for us .  We signed in and were assigned a pilot.
Then loaded in vans taking us all  to Yountville  where we would be taking off from.

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day.  The sun was rising and other balloons were flying above us

When we arrived our balloons were all laid out with the baskets laying on their sides

As we were  watching them fill our balloon we took lots of pictures

  When we  took off it was AMAZING !  We were just floating in the sky and is was so peaceful  as we flew over all of the vineyards

After we landed we were driven back to the hotel where a Champagne brunch was waiting for us and these pictures on our tables as a reminder of a most Awesome experience !

This will be a day I will never forget !!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Here's LUCY !!!!!!

What a fun quilt to make ! Just LOVE how it came out !

This pattern is from Miss Rosie's quilt company . You can also purchase this pdf pattern for only  $3.00 here 

Each block has 25 - 1 1/4" blocks and my quilt measures 63 " x 63"

I am having a hard time deciding on a backing :-(    Any suggestions ??????

I have this quilt done since last week . This is the first chance I have had time to post it .

Went away for the weekend to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary :-D
Boy does time fly by .

On the way home yesterday we saw this cool cloud formation. We have never seen anything like this before .

Happy Sewing !


Monday, October 13, 2014

What I have been working on " LUCY "

I fell in love with "LUCY " the first time I saw it on Thelmas blog.
I am not into bright halloween fabrics and this quilt just fit the bill for me :-D

I did not order Carrie's quilt kit because it sold out in a heart beat .
I looked thru my stash and decided to use my American Gothic fabric I had for the black and I ordered a few fig tree , scrumptious & boo crew fabrics for the orange. The gray fabric is the the little Black Dress 2 line of fabric.

I am not making my quilt the 74" x 74" that the pattern calls for.  I eliminated 2 rows from the side and the bottom so mine should before around 60 " x 60 " or so .

May I say how fun this quilt is to make and so easy .

I only have 5 more of the 25 patch blocks to make and then I can sew it together

We are supposed to have rain this week and I could not be happier :-D

Happy Sewing


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hampton Ridge month 11 and 12  fabrics have arrived in the mail .

These fabrics kits are the last 2 months and they include everything to finish sewing this quilt together

Month 11 and 12 

Month 11 has the fabric for the  cream for sashing ,  brown corners stones and red for set in side triangles

Check out this Gorgeous border fabric  WOW !

 I do not have time right now to sew this quilt together hopefully after the holidays I can :-D

Happy Sewing !


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Calendar Girls is a Finish !

For those new to my blog Doreen of Aunt Reen's Place blog did all of the Redwork  by hand for both of our quilts and designed unique sashing for each month  to make.  This quilt has many fond memories of us making our quilts together . I started this quilt in 2012 with Doreen .
The made this quilt with  " Rouenneries Deux "French General Fabric .

Calendar Girls measures 56" x 72 "

My friend Eileen  RobinHill quilts did a amazing job of quilting my girls for me.

SO many personal touches that I just had to share :-D

January " Broken Wheel "
February " Broken Arrow "
Love how she wrote  LOVE  with little hearts
March  " Box Kite "
April " Cherry Blossoms "

May " Ladies Choice "
June " Garden Path "

July " Rockets Red Glare "
August  " Storm at Sea "
September " Pathways to School and Home "
See the letter  "B" over the window :-D
October " Falling Leaves "

November  " Tail Feathers "

December  " Christmas Geese "

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Calendar Girls are back and so am I ........

We went camping last week .

Weather was perfect, good fishing and  lake was full .
When we arrived at the campground it was very empty. We basically had it all to ourselves .
one night I headed to the campground bathroom with my little flashlight.
As I came out I heard this loud noise of what sounded like a herd of horses headed my way. I could hear their hoofs pounding the ground .
I froze and then could not believe my eyes. It was a large herd of deer running thru the campground right by  me ! YIKES !!!

Here we are in our boat fishing. What a beautiful view !

My Calendar Girls quilt was delivered last Monday.

Just a little sneak peak ;-)  All I can say is that it is GORGEOUS !!!

I have already sewn on my binding and quilt sleeve . Started hand sewing last night and 1 side is done.
I will post a full reveal when I have it completed

Happy Sewing !