Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Fall !!!

Hi Everyone !!

Happy Fall !!!

We are having cooler nights and the maples are starting to turn colors...

 Last Monday I fell off my small stool in the laundry room and broke my toe !
When I fell off the stool my small toe next to the baby toe caught the stool and bent all the way across
my middle toe  YIKES !  First thing I did was put  it back where it belong . Since then I have kept ice on it and kept it elevated .

Bad timing though.... Wednesday we had new carpet put in the entire house . Can you see all the furniture stacked on our back deck ???? This picture is before they removed the old carpet and padding . I have come the conclusion that the carpet installers have the easy job ;-)

My Strawberries 'n Cream quilt  arrived in the mail  from Mary @quilthollow and look at the Adorable mini Pineapple quilt she  surprised me with  :-D  Thank You Mary  I LOVE IT !!!

Here it is hanging off my front porch 

In Love with this quilting !

This is the quilting design I chose is  "Alpine " I thought it looked like strawberry vines with flowers

Fortunately my bad toe is on my left foot so I was determined to sew my binding on this quilt ;-)
I also hung my beautiful Pineapple quilt to I can enjoy it while sewing !