Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grass Valley Quilt Show

I went to our local Grass Valley Quilt show just 10 minutes from my house Saturday  and I thought you might enjoy some of my favorite quilts there ! The first picture is what I bought at the show. The guild has a area where they have like a garage sell where all of the members sell there goods. I bought this lovely bag and 2 Evening Bloom quilts kits ! Score ! The quilt kits were only are you ready ... $25.00 each !

Enjoy ...........


  1. Wow, you sure did score. Love the Evening Bloom blocks.

  2. That is a score! Love your new bag, it fits you perfectly :0) Thanks for sharing some photos from the show. Some talented quilters in your area. Chico guild had Barbara Shapel for a 2 day workshop on Fri and Sat plus I had sample quilts promised to HoneyRun Quilters I worked on this weekend. I wanted to come, maybe next year we could meet there. That would be fun. Glad you to see your weekend was fun!

  3. You scored! Wow, I am impressed by the Ponte Vecchio...looks so true to the picture.

  4. Terrific score, Sue! Great quilts, too! We had a show in our area this weekend, too! Sure are a lot of talented quilters in the world ;>)