Friday, December 28, 2012

Swoon Back from the quilter .......


                              Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas !

                                          A box was waiting on the front porch for me when we got home Wednesday night . It was My Swoon & Vintage Rouge back from  my friend Mary  at Quilt Hollow !
                Mary at Quilt Hollow   did a amazing job as always quilting this for me. She sent me this picture after she was done.  She helped me find the perfect quilting design.  I wanted something with a simple but romantic feel to it and NOUVEAU  FEATHERS  was just what I had in mind.
                                  I have it all trimmed and  now I just need to prepare my  binding

                         This is what I chose for my quilt backing.

I will try to post my Vintage Rouge this weekend for all of you to see.


  1. A beautiful quilt. Both with your piecing and the quilting Mary did. Enjoy!

  2. I think I'm the only person in Quiltland who hasn't done Swoon, and I'm totally in love with yours! Great job, and beautiful quilting.

  3. Wow, very pretty! Isn't it a happy day when you get it back, all quilted and ready to bind.

  4. Love, love, love it. The backing fabric is perfect. I have a few yards of the same and now I wish I had purchased enough to use as backing too. The feathers are a wonderful simple finish for your quilt. They add a sense of movement to the Swoons. Sunny, you are not the only person who has yet to make a Swoon. This one is the one that may inspire me to make one of my own. Beautiful!

  5. Oh Sue, what a wonderful surprise to come home to! Mary did a gorgeous job of quilting it!