Monday, April 8, 2013

A Day in Napa

Today is my hubby's b-day and we took a drive to Napa for the day !  Such a beautiful drive with everything in bloom !
 Just love this Wisteria !
We had lunch at the Rutherford grill , this is a picture of the outdoor patio. They have the best food in Napa !

Just had to make a stop at the Oakville Grocery , what a great store !

What a great way to spend his birthday !

I had a few of you ask about the spring flowers I posted yesterday.
The first picture is my Clematis , picture # 2 is one of my Columbines and picture # 3 I think is a Anemones .
 The blue groundcover along my rock wall is LITHODORA DIFFUSA " GRACE WARD "


  1. Looks wonderful, what a nice birthday outing. It's been a long time since I was last in Napa, I think 1992 when I went on a 5-day bike trip through Napa and Sonoma vineyards.

  2. Check out your hubby in shorts! Wish we were at that point but it's a tad too chilly, still! We love Rutherford Grill, too! What did you think of the changes to Oakville Grocery since they re-opened? I love it any way it is! Sounds like a fun day, Sue! Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  3. Happy Birthday to hubby!
    What a wonderful way to spend the day.

  4. Beautiful trip to Napa! We haven't been there for years, and a bad news is Oakville Grocery in our local area has closed their door last year. So now we really have to visit there again very soon!!

  5. Happy birthday to your hubbie! Oakville Grocery is one of my favorite spots.

  6. What a Beautiful Place - my daughter is going there in Oct on her honeymoon! Happy Sewing, Hugs, Mary