Sunday, April 7, 2013

HMMMMM!! Double Chocolat Speck

Nothing like making a little Speck quilt top out of Moda Double Chocolat to start spring !

I was gifted  the  Little Bites by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. Speck pattern  with to  2 -   2 1/2"  charm packs of Moda's Double Chocolat  fabric for my birthday last November .   It felt so good to actually sit down and sew something and this little quilt was perfect.  I still need to find fabric for my sashing & border.

This last month we have been busy helping the kids with their new home that they moved into Easter weekend.  We have also been busy keeping up with the gardens and spring cleaning .  I thought I might share a few more pictures of what is blooming  right now

                   Just love this time of year with everything starting to bloom !!


  1. Looks like an easy enough little quilt to make. I have only made one of Miss Rosie's little quilts and now I don't even remember which one.

  2. Speck is cute! I made one and should find it. I boxed it for the move in with my own tops to quilt. It could be buried. Lol. Your yard is delightful.

  3. Love your quilt. Very pretty.

    We don't have any blooms in our neck of the woods so seeing yours makes a soul happy!

  4. Be still my heart...clematis, columbines and anemones! So jealous.

  5. Speck looks like a fun quilt to make! Gorgeous flowers... what are the blue ones surrounding the little bridge? Love the columbine!

  6. What a beautiful little quilt top!
    Your yard and flower garden are so gorgeous!
    I love all those wonderful blooms.

  7. Love your little quilt! So cute!! And where do you live that you have such beautiful blooms so soon? They are lovely!

  8. Such a pretty quilt, Sue! The gardens are so gorgeous! What is the last blooming flower? I might have to get one - it's unbelievable!