Friday, December 13, 2013

A Christmas in San Francisco Day

First of all we have water Yeahhhh!! Right after I posted on my blog Monday our friend came over and fixed the broken pipe :-D

Nantucket ....... Well my plans are to finish sewing that quilt together today  ( I am SO close ) .   I have all of my Christmas shopping done and Christmas cards out in the mail .  Such a good feeling .

To celebrate we drove down to Marin Wednesday  and took the Larkspur ferry over to the city. Just so beautifully decorated this time of year !

These first  4 pictures were taken in lobby of  the Hyatt at the Embarcadero. Just love the string of lights hanging

Union Square

Macy's Windows are always so pretty

Cute  puppies and kittens in the windows for adoption


  1. Pretty pictures from San Francisco. I'm hoping to get into NYC this year to see the windows and decorations.

  2. Thank you for the pictures. Does Tiffany's do their windows anymore?

  3. Those strings of hanging lights are spectacular. I can just imagine them at night, they'd make a real impact.

  4. It looks like you had the perfect day in the City. Fun!