Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hay Ride quilt flimsy is a finish......

No you are seeing things LOL ...

 Yes it is pumpkins !    My Hay Ride quilt to be exact ;-)

What a easy and fun quilt to make with these wonderful fabrics !
My pictures do not do this fabric justice ! These pumpkins are outlined with gold accents !
You may have remembered this quilt kit in my last post.  I just could not let it sit on the shelf till fall 2014 .  Just what I needed after making Nantucket.  I would like to make another one using Christmas fabrics.  Wouldn't that be fun !

If you have a beginner quilter in your family this pattern is perfect for them .  So Easy  and a great way to use a large print fabric !  You can find the pattern at  Kelly Ann's Quilting Quilt Shop



  1. I just finished doing pumpkins too. Sigh. But we're both ahead for next year, right?!

  2. That was fast! Also Nantucket is gorgeous, congrats on that finish as well. You are just humming along!!! Good way to keep warm with these cold nights!

  3. What a wonderful quilt, Sue! You'll be ready for Halloween next year!