Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Progress on my SUGAR TRAIL Quilt

This is my progress on my SUGAR TRAIL QUILT so far !

I have made 20 of my 36 blocks so far

The quilt is made of 36  SUGAR BOWL blocks that are very easy to make :-D


This quilt finishes at 54 " x 59 "   PERFECT SIZE !

This wonderful quilt was designed by Doreen at Aunt Reen's Place and I purchased my quilt kit from Kelly Ann's Quilting shop in Virginia .  I do not see the kit or pattern on there website yet but I am sure you could call them  to order them .

Between the nice weather we are having and not beeing  home much this week I think I have made pretty good progress ;-)



  1. Gosh - great progress, Sue! At first look I thought the pattern would be a bit tricky, but now that you show an individual block I see that it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. HI Sue - I sure like the way the zig zag pattern is formed for this quilt! I never noticed that you're in Grass Valley - I have lots of family in Sacramento now and I grew up in Truckee - my Grandma lived in Grass Valley for a long time. Fun to know!

  3. That is an awesome block! Great progress! You are fast! Look forward to seeing it in person too!

  4. Yummy fabrics for Doreen's wonderful design! What size will it be when finished?

  5. The secondary pattern those blocks make is going to be exciting.

  6. Excellent progress indeed. Love the secondary pattern ... love the fabrics. What's not to love? ;-) Glad I found your blog ... I'm a new follower.