Friday, March 7, 2014

September Calender Girl has arrived........and now there are 12

Just got a package in the mail today....

It's my September Calendar girl from my dear friend Doreen ! She finished the borders on both of our September blocks .  She really out did herself on this border.  Just look at all those little pieces she  Paper Pieced.

Didn't she do a amazing job !

For those of you new to my blog.  Doreen and I both fell in love with this quilt in 2013.  Doreen decided that she would do the Redwork  for both of our blocks and then she designed the border for each month theme.   Each month she would send me the tutorial and fabric cutting directions .
Each block is SO unique .

So now we have all 12 of our blocks done   Hooray  !

These are the fabrics will be using to finish our quilt

What a wonderful journey this quilt has been and so many treasured memories



  1. Oh Sue - this is going to be so adorable as a quilt!

  2. She sure did outdo herself! Adorable. I have been having trouble with my machine. I will keep in touch. Do you get my emails?

  3. The blocks are so beautiful...both the embroidery and the piecing of those yummy fabrics!

  4. Ooh, I just love that beige/tan fabric in the middle! I am a sucker for neutrals, I just dont have many for some crazy reason. I always end up buying the stronger colors. Sigh.

  5. This quilt is a treasure! for two very talented quilters! Looking forward to seeing these beauties set in those gorgeous fabrics!