Saturday, June 7, 2014

Playing In my Gardens

This is what I have been doing this week........... tending to my gardens !

First thing in the morning before it gets too hot I go out with my cup of coffee and  water , weed , dead head and work in my gardens .  These are just a few pictures of our backyard .  I thought you might enjoy seeing what is blooming right now.

Gardenia on the deck

Oh how I wish you could smell these !



perennial garden on side of house

carpet roses

one of my perennial gardens
New raised bed  BEFORE & ...
this is what it looks like now ! We have 5 raised beds in different parts of the yard

I received this greenhouse from my hubby for Mothers Day :-D   It is called the flower house . We unzip it each morning and close it up at night.  We have 1 shelving unit in the back and we are thinking about adding a 2shelve bench each side wall .



  1. Thank you Sue for sharing your flowers and garden! Everything just looks lovely! But I know it does not happen without a lot of work on your part!

  2. Your garden is lovely. I'm envious of your gardenia. Veichi does well here but the blossoms are smaller. Our zone is Bakersfield is much warmer as we are starting to
    get fresh tomatoes.
    Thanks for the tour,

  3. Wow, what beautiful gardens you have. Our raised beds still don't show much progress, although everything is doing well.

  4. Loved looking at your garden and lovely flowers. I'm sure there's lots of fun ahead for the greenhouse.

  5. I am jealous! First I have ever said that, and I mean it as a compliment! I have a green thumb and have longed for Gardenia but every one Ive bought had spider mites, and Ive stared at the leaves forever before buying them. I wish I could smell it. even more have one! Love everything about your gardens. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Oh my Sue! I had to go over and over the pictures of your garden! What a beautiful yard! Your flowers and vegetables have a lovely home. I see talent in the garden... and you quilt beautifully too!

  7. Thank you for the tour. You know I love the Peonies! I am headed to my garden in CO, but just to clean it up. I am late, so hope I have not lost plants.

  8. Wow...wish I could share same kind of pretties in my garden! Alas...can't. Nothing near as pretty as yours.

  9. Oh Sue, you are a gardener after my own heart! How lush and gorgeous everything looks! I was just telling Mr. Squash today that I need more little "surprises" in my perennial gardens and what do I see in yours - lots of them! I bet we're both outside at the same time every day!

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