Wednesday, April 22, 2015

And now there are 8 little hour baskets ..........

Yesterday I made 5 more of the hour baskets I was telling you about..

Boy are they addictive :-D

I had quite a assembly line going on here........

I made 1 cars basket for my grandson to keep his toys in ......

2 more purple baskets for gifts.........

2 yellow and gray chevron baby baskets to fill with little baby gifts to go with ........

 The yellow and Gray chevron baby quilt I made for a upcoming baby shower

I made 2 whale hour baskets for 2 baby showers I will being going to for my daughter . 1 for each shower

 Every time I make a basket  I think of another person I want to make one for ;-)

the link to the pattern and tutorial is here :




  1. I downloaded the link a couple of days ago. I haven't quite had an hour to spare to make one, but I can see where they would be so fun to make. You made some cute baskets and they look so perfect as part of a gift.

  2. I downloaded the pattern a couple of days ago when you posted about it. Thank You for sharing! My daughters sweet SIL is expecting her first baby in about a I'd better get busy huh???? Love those baby blue whales!

  3. They look great. I'm going to look at the pattern and thank you for the link. :)

  4. Love those baskets and that adorable baby quilt!

  5. All of these baskets are just darling!
    These will make such wonderful and practical gifts!

  6. I love your baskets. Thank you for sharing the pattern link. I just must go to the quilt shop and get some fusible fleece. These baskets have so many potential uses... for gifts themselves, to hold gifts, to hold toys, to hold cut out WIPs, etc.

  7. You've been busy - and making lots of other people happy too, I see! What great little gifts and gift-carriers these little baskets are! Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern and the lovely inspiration :)

  8. Those baskets are so cute and I imagine extremely useful. Thanks for the link. I'm going to have to make myself a few of them!